Which Marvel superheroes were Ronin besides Hawkeye

Today, we take a look at how the Ronin Armor (and accompanying identity) came into play in the Marvel Universe before similar events occurred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is a feature called “Written in Book”. It’s basically the reverse of another of my features called “Follow the Path,” where I highlight changes to comic book characters based on outside media, as well as characters entirely drawn from outside media. Nowadays there are so many comic book movies and TV series that we can highlight examples of TV and movies adapting specific and less famous comic book stories to other media (so no ” Spider-Man lifts debris “or stuff like that).

In Avengers: Endgame, we see a mysterious person known only as Ronin who has spent the five years since Thanos “snatched” half the life in the universe slaughtering as many criminal organizations as possible. Finally, after Ronin slaughters a Tokyo criminal family, Ronin is exposed to reveal that it is Clint Barton, the hero known as Hawkeye, driven by the grief of his wife and children who have all been killed in Thanos’ snap …

In the new Hawk Eye TV series on Disney +, the Ronin costume is retrieved from the Avengers complex following the attack by Thanos’ forces (it was a very well made costume, so it survived the destruction of the complex) and auctioned at a group of criminals when Kate Bishop steals from him to hide her identity and she causes a bit of a mess using the costume, forcing people to believe Ronin has returned …

Clint Barton is forced to get involved in the costume again and this is the setup for the current Hawkeye series. However, the Ronin costume has also changed hands a lot in the comics and caused all kinds of similar issues, so let’s take a look!

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Brian Michael Bendis originally planned for a certain blind devil-themed hero to become the hero known as Ronin so he could fight alongside the Avengers. This never happened (I’ll write about this tomorrow), so instead, in New Avengers # 11 (from Bendis, David Finch, Danny Miki and Frank D’Armata), Ronin shows up to take down the crime families in Japan as in Avengers: Endgame

However, two issues later, when the Avengers show up to recruit Ronin to work with them, we learn that Ronin’s name is actually an attempt by the hero, Echo, to disguise himself, making it look like she was. a male (Captain America had specifically recruited Echo to help take down the Yakuza, but she offered the Ronin identity angle). Echo was a hero who had already been turned against Daredevil by the Kingpin before learning the truth. She had debuted in a screenplay by David Mack and Joe Quesada (Mack was a longtime collaborator with Bendis and Bendis’ big Marvel break was a story arc on daredevil with Mack before Bendis got Ultimate Spider-Man then Bendis came back to write daredevil full time)…

Once his identity was revealed, Echo no longer needed the Ronin identity to protect himself (Echo recently made his MCU debut in the second episode of the Hawk Eye television series and is expected to play a leading role in the MCU).


In New Avengers # 27 (by Bendis, Leinil Yu and Dave McCaig), the Avengers show up to save Echo from the Hand, who had planned to brainwash her and turn her into one of their soldiers. Among the Avengers who show up to save her, there is a new Ronin …

A few issues later, it became known that Clint Barton had returned from the dead for House of M, but he was just kinda messed up after, you know, dying, so he sort of wandered around until Captain America was killed for Civil war, at which point he began to look for other heroes. By this point, Kate Bishop had adopted the name Hawkeye as part of the Young Avengers, and Clint was willing to move past her Hawkeye days, but still wanted to help, so the New Avengers noted that Ronin’s name was available and therefore Hawkeye l ‘picked up, as shown in New Avengers # 32 (where Wolverine suspects he might be a Skrull, seeing how he conveniently showed himself alive after his death during Avengers: Disassembled) …

Hawkeye continued to shake Ronin’s armor for the following years, during which time he was reunited with his ex-wife, Mockingbird, whose death WAS simulated by a Skrull. Clint really settled into Ronin’s identity, especially when he attempted to assassinate Norman Osborn after the villain took over SHIELD and started his own Avengers team (with Bullseye being the new Hawkeye) . It wasn’t until Osborn was arrested and his Dark Avengers broke up that Clint felt safe in assuming the Hawkeye identity (which he now shared with Kate Bishop).

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In the 1990 graphic novel, The coldest war (by Gerry Conway, George Freeman and a Stack of Inkers) Black Widow’s first husband, the original Red Guardian, has been brought back as an Advanced Life Model Decoy …

This LMD later became Ronin for a while, especially during the “Widowmaker” crossover event between Black Widow and Hawkeye and Mockingbird (instead of having a traditional crossover, both books were canceled and their creative teams just split a Widow mini-series together). It was precisely Jim McCann, David Lopez, Alvaro Lopez and Nathan Fairbairn who made the revelation in Widow # 3 …


In the Mighty avengers series launched during the Infinite crossover, a mysterious hero wanted to disguise his identity and first used a Spider-Man Halloween costume. The Avengers eventually helped him out and loaned him the Ronin armor in Mighty avengers # 4 (by Al Ewing, Greg Land, Jay Leisten and Frank D’Armata) …

And in Mighty avengers # 9 (same creative team, plus Edgar Delgado assisting colors), we learn it was Blade!

It was just a temporary thing.


More recently, in the Hawkeye: Free fall miniseries (by Matthew Rosenberg and Otto Schmidt), Clint decided to use Ronin’s identity again to anonymously confront The Hood’s criminal empire. The Hood hires Bullseye to find out who this new Ronin is and when Bullseye finds out that it is Hawkeye, Bullseye then takes the Ronin armor and begins indiscriminately killing in an attempt to ruin Ronin’s reputation, which leads Clint to to disguise himself as Bullseye to face Bullesye disguised as Ronin …

It was that kind of fun, crazy miniseries (there was also a Skrull involved, of course!).

All in all I think the “best” Ronin was probably when Clint was using it, because it really seemed like a big goal for the name, where Echo was using it just as a gimmick, Clint really briefly embraced it. idea of ​​being a “Ronin” and no longer having a real hero identity. Good product.

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