This week in history: loans granted to ALMCO – Albert Lea Tribune


June 11, 1990: The Albert Lea Port Authority unanimously voted for a loan of $ 100,000 to ALMCO Inc. and the board of directors of Albert Lea Industrial Developmental Corp. voted to match the Port Authority loan. ALMCO used the funds to purchase another line of products.

June 12, 1970: A Stop N ‘Go grocery store opens on East Main Street and Garfield Avenue. It was the 10th Stop N ‘Go in southern Minnesota.


2001: Timothy McVeigh, 33, was executed by injection at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168.

June 12, 1994: Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman are massacred to death outside her Los Angeles home. (OJ Simpson was later acquitted of the murders in a criminal trial, but was ultimately found responsible in a civil action.)

1972: During the Vietnam War, an Associated Press photographer took a photo of a screaming 9-year-old girl, Phan Thi Kim Phuc (fahn thee kihm fook), as she ran naked and badly burnt from the scene of a South Vietnamese napalm. attack.

1968: Authorities announce the capture in London of James Earl Ray, the alleged assassin of civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

1963: President John F. Kennedy enacted the Equal Pay Act 1963, aimed at eliminating pay disparities based on gender.

1954: During Army-McCarthy Senate hearings, Army Special Advocate Joseph N. Welch berated Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, R-Wis., Asking, “Do you have no sense of decency, sir?” Finally, have you left no sense of decency? “

June 11, 1776: The Continental Congress formed a committee to draft a declaration of independence calling for the liberation of Great Britain.

1692: The first execution resulting from the Salem, Massachusetts witch trials took place during the hanging of Bridget Bishop.

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