The Batman crosses $463 million worldwide at the global box office

The Batman has been in theaters for a week now, and in the second weekend of the superhero epic, World’s Greatest Detective is still smashing it at the box office. Worldwide, the Matt Reeves the directed film passed the $400 million milestone and has now grossed $463.2 million in its second weekend. Domestically, the film has grossed $66 million over the weekend from 26,353 screens and the overseas total alone currently stands at $224.7 million so far.

The $66 million weekend is an incredible number and only a 42% drop from its insane opening weekend. In international markets like Saudi Arabia, Germany, Australia, Korea, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, UK and Mexico, the film’s performance continues to be solid. This weekend also saw The Batman opened in Japan at No. 1 with $3.2 million. This opening is on par with other genre films like Black Widow and The dark knight risesbut he is ahead of The black Knight and Dunes by a wide margin. In many similar international markets, the film continues to outrank other Warner Brother films like Justice League, The black Knight, wonder woman, Dunesand Godzilla vs. Kong.


IMAX had another strong weekend overseas, grossing $4.4 million. That’s just a 40% drop from the film’s opening weekend, and it was helped by DC’s second-best IMAX film in Japan with $860,000. IMAX’s international box office now stands at $14.2 million. The international box office will get another injection of adrenaline next weekend as The Batman will finally open in China on March 18. It’s the biggest market in the world outside of the United States, so it’ll be interesting to see how well the film fares.

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The Batman continues to prove that moviegoers still crave blockbuster experiences on the big screen. Plus, when a movie is as good as this particular Batman adventure, fans are set to watch it again and again. This sensational box office performance reflects the incredible efforts that WB, Reeves and his entire team have gone to to make this project the best Batman movie possible. It was a film that was both comfortably familiar, yet pleasantly fresh at the same time. Those box office numbers are even more impressive considering it’s a nearly three-hour movie. This Batman tale plays like it’s an epic romantic detective story with several deep character vignettes more than your typical superhero outing. Most of the time, when you slowly burn through a film like this, audiences will be put off by its pacing. However, again, it speaks to the quality of the film. It will continue to hit milestones like the rapidly approaching $500 million mark.

Up to Sony Morbius out in a few weeks The Batman has no competition, and it will most likely be No. 1 at the box office next weekend. With the film opening in China on the 18th, The Batman is one big step closer to the next billion dollar movie in movie history. Bruce Wayne is getting richer by the day and there’s no sign of it stopping anytime soon.

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