Putin signs decree taking control of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant

Separately, Japan will reopen its embassy in Kyiv on Wednesday, the Japanese Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Japan temporarily closed its embassy in the capital on March 2 following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Fake records, maritime subterfuge: How Russia is smuggling $530 million worth of Ukrainian grain to pay for Putin’s war

When the bulk cargo ship Laodicea docked in Lebanon last summer, Ukrainian diplomats said the vessel was carrying grain stolen from Russia and urged Lebanese authorities to seize the vessel. Moscow called the allegation ‘false and groundless’, and Lebanon’s attorney general sided with the Kremlin and said the 10,000 tons of barley and wheat flour were not stolen and allowed the ship to unload.

But an investigation by The Associated Press and the PBS series ‘Frontline’ has revealed that the Syrian-owned Laodicea is part of a sophisticated Russian-led smuggling operation that used falsified manifestos and maritime subterfuge. to steal Ukrainian grain worth at least $530 million. — money that has helped fuel President Vladimir Putin’s war machine.

AP used satellite imagery and maritime radio transponder data to track three dozen ships making more than 50 trips carrying grain from Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine to ports in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. other countries. Journalists reviewed shipping manifests, researched social media posts and interviewed farmers, shippers and company officials to uncover details of the massive smuggling operation. (Read more)

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