Princess Mako’s boyfriend to return to Japan on September 27 ahead of the wedding

Princess Mako’s 29-year-old boyfriend Kei Komuro will likely return to Japan next Monday from the United States where he lived, sources familiar with the matter said on Wednesday ahead of their planned wedding.

Komuro is expected to meet the 29-year-old princess, the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito, and prepare for a press conference after about two weeks of coronavirus quarantine, the sources said.

The combined file photo shows Japanese Princess Mako (R), a niece of Emperor Naruhito, and her boyfriend Kei Komuro. (Kyodo)

The couple plan to register their marriage as early as next month.

After the official announcement of the wedding by the Imperial Household Agency, the couple are expected to hold a press conference, the sources say.

Komuro and Princess Mako met in 2012 while studying at Tokyo International Christian University, and they were unofficially engaged in September 2017.

Their marriage was postponed due to a financial dispute between Komuro’s mother and her ex-boyfriend.

Komuro released a statement detailing the dispute but did not hold a press conference to explain himself.

Earlier this year, Komuro graduated from Fordham University Law School in New York City. He is expected to work in a law firm in the United States where the couple will start a new life.

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