Latest News: Pfizer Provides Vaccine Data for Children 5-11 Years Old to FDA | Govt. & Politics

Sanofi recently expanded testing of this recombinant protein vaccine as a booster dose to expand the immunity of people inoculated with a variety of other vaccines. The results of this study are expected later this year.

Messenger RNA vaccines are currently manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna. Sanofi officials said they decided it was not worth pursuing this technology for COVID-19 vaccines, given the wide availability of these vaccines.

They plan to use mRNA technology to develop a new influenza vaccine, with clinical studies due to start next year, according to Jean-François Toussaint, global head of research and development for the vaccines unit of Sanofi.

TOKYO – The Japanese government said the coronavirus state of emergency will end on Thursday to help rejuvenate the economy as infections slow.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has announced that restrictions on viruses will be gradually relaxed. Government officials are putting other plans in place, such as vaccine passports and virus tests, Suga says.

With the lift, Japan will be released from emergency requirements for the first time in more than six months. The current state of emergency, declared in April, has been extended and extended several times, most notably during the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Infections began to worsen in July and peaked in mid-August after the Olympics, surpassing 5,000 daily cases in Tokyo alone and surpassing 25,000 nationwide. Thousands of patients unable to find hospital beds have had to recover from the disease at home.

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