Japanese woman sues sperm donor for lying about background to have sex with her, abandons her baby

Woman sues sperm donor for lying about her background to have sex with her, abandons her baby


Woman sues sperm donor for lying about her background to have sex with her, abandons her baby

A Japanese woman is suing a sperm donor who imbued her after discovering that he had lied about her background.

Newsweek reports that the unidentified woman – a 30-year-old woman from Tokyo – wanted to have a second baby with her husband, but had to look for a donor when she found out her partner had a hereditary condition.

According to Newsweek, finding donors in Japan can be difficult due to the country’s “right to know” law, which allows children of donors to legally search for their biological parents.

The couple took to social media to find their donor, who is in his 20s. He claimed to be single, Japanese, and graduated from a top-ranked university in Japan. The woman and the donor are said to have had 10 sexual acts in June 2019 before conceiving.

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She later discovered that he had lied about his marital status, ethnicity and education – and was actually a married Chinese national who had not graduated from Kyoto University, as he claimed. said. At that time, she could not abort and ended up giving birth to the child.

She is now suing the donor for 330 million yen (NZ$4.2 million) for emotional distress, alleging the donor lied so he could have sex with her. She also renounced their baby at a daycare center in Tokyo.

Finding a donor through social media channels is typical since the country has no sperm banks, at least until recently.

“Not only is it a security issue, but it can also be criminal and extremely dangerous,” said Hiroshi Okada, director of the Mirai Life Research Institute. says Japan Insider to find a donor on your own. “The donated sperm can carry infectious agents. We don’t know if the sperm belongs to the donor or not. When the child is born, the semen may not be Japanese. Such crazy things happen.

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