Japanese court sends AAFES employee to jail for attempted rape and conviction for theft

A Japanese court sentenced a US civilian employee at a Marine Corps base in Okinawa to four years in prison with hard labor on Monday, October 18, 2021, for attempted rape and theft. (Pexels)

NAHA, Okinawa – A US civilian employee at a Marine Corps base in Okinawa was sentenced Monday to four years in prison with hard labor by a Japanese court for attempted rape and unrelated theft convictions.

Rushane Joel McKoy, 25, of Chatan Town, an employee in an Army and Air Exchange service store at Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, pleaded guilty to both counts in court in Naha district on October 6.

Prosecutors charged McKoy with attempting to force a local woman into sex acts in April. The theft charge stems from an incident in August 2020, when he was accused of taking a shoulder bag with 7,000 yen in cash, or about $ 62.

McKoy’s wife testified on October 6 and said he needed mental health counseling.

The three judges seized of the case remained indifferent.

“The manner of the crime is malicious,” Chief Justice Koji Oohashi said during sentencing Monday morning. “The attitude of the accused clearly shows a contempt for the dignity of the victim.”

McKoy’s remorse seemed superficial, Oohashi said, “It’s hard to say he faced his actions sincerely.”

Defendants in Japanese courts typically face less than five years in prison with hard labor for an attempted rape conviction, a spokesperson for the Japanese Ministry of Justice previously told Stars and Stripes. McKoy also faced up to 10 years or about $ 4,500 in fines for the theft.

He has 14 days to appeal his conviction, Oohashi said.

McKoy was taken to court on Monday morning, wearing a cloth mask, a white t-shirt, light gray sweatpants and black sandals, his hands chained in front of him. Sometimes he looked nervously at the visitors’ gallery. He has been in prison since July 15.

Oohashi wasted no time delivering a verdict at McKoy’s sentencing hearing, which only lasted 20 minutes. He condemned McKoy’s decision to commit a felony when he was already under investigation for another felony and for the malicious targeting of a woman walking alone at night.

“Even considering that his wife has promised to watch and monitor him, there is no possibility of suspending the execution of the sentence,” Oohashi said.

Oohashi repeatedly asked McKoy if he understood what had happened during the hearing, but McKoy stood still and ignored the judge. He was eventually taken away by guards to begin his sentence.

According to prosecutors, McKoy grabbed a woman in her 30s from behind in a parking lot in an undisclosed location just before 6 a.m. on April 17. He stroked the woman’s breasts, pushed her to the ground, exposed himself and attempted but failed to sodomize her orally. .

The attack ended when the woman screamed, police said. McKoy ran to his car and drove off, prosecutors said, and the woman called police.

McKoy was first placed under house arrest on July 2 while under investigation for theft. He was taken into police custody on July 15 for allegedly pushing a police officer during a search of his home. Authorities released him on July 30 but immediately arrested him again for attempted rape.

An AAFES spokesperson in an email Monday declined to comment on McKoy’s employment status, citing the service policy.

“AAFES has and will continue to cooperate with local law enforcement authorities regarding this matter,” wrote the Army Sgt. Mark Kauffman.

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