Iranian president hopes for new chapter in Iran-Japan friendship

In a message to the new Japanese Prime Minister, Raisi, on behalf of the Iranian government and nation, congratulated Kishida Fumio on taking office.

He hoped that during Kishida’s tenure as prime minister, a new chapter would begin in the friendship between the two countries.

The president also said he was convinced that given the long-standing friendly relations between Tehran and Tokyo, bilateral cooperation between the two sides would develop in all fields, especially in the economic and trade fields.

Raisi also stressed that the policy of the Islamic Republic has always contributed to strengthening regional and international peace and stability in the light of justice and mutual commitment to international commitments and agreements.

Kishida took office as Prime Minister of Japan on Monday, forming a cabinet tasked with keeping COVID-19 under control while reviving a struggling economy, as he seeks to appeal to voters ahead of a general election in less than a month.

The election for the House of Representatives, the most powerful lower house of parliament, will take place on October 31, Kishida said, earlier than the first half of November, as scheduled.

The 64-year-old former foreign minister replaced Yoshihide Suga, who resigned after just over a year in power amid criticism of his response to the pandemic.

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