Ibaraki police search for mobile of woman who used water pistol to extinguish Olympic flame

Kayoko Takahashi (Twitter)

IBARAKI (TR) – The Olympics are expected to start in Tokyo later this month as the government continues to tackle the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.

Despite this, police in Ibaraki Prefecture are still unsure of the motive of a 53-year-old woman who protested the procedure over the weekend, Fuji News Network reports (July 6).

Kayoko Takahashi of no known occupation on Sunday used a water pistol to shoot an unknown liquid at the Olympic flame carried by a 73-year-old runner during the torch relay in the town of Mito.

“I [wanted to] put out the flame, ”Takahashi said upon arrest on suspicion of business disruption. “I am opposed to the Olympics.

Kayoko Takahashi sprays torch runner in Mito City on Sunday (Twitter)

In images posted to social media, Takahashi is shown with the water pistol as the procession passes. As the runner approaches, she begins to shoot the liquid, but the flame appears to be undisturbed.

Police later determined that since the liquid did not contain an unpleasant odor or had no adhesion, it must have been water.

However, an investigation into the motive of the crime is underway, police said.

The relay continued in the prefecture on Monday.

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