BBVA leads the Coalition for Climate Finance in Emerging Markets in an initiative led by UN Special Envoy Michael R. Bloomberg

Colombia has one of the highest renewable energy potentials in Latin America and has seen rapid growth in clean energy and other low-carbon sectors over the past decade. According to Bloomberg NEF, in 2022, Colombia will begin a renewable energy boom that, over the next four years, will increase the country’s wind and solar capacity 13 times from 2021 levels (353 MW). From 2011 to 2019, Colombia attracted $1.3 billion in clean energy investment and received a record investment of $800 million in 2021 alone. However, the country will need much more. investments to deliver its line of wind farms awaiting financing.

About the Climate Finance Leadership Initiative (CFLI)

The Climate Finance Leadership Initiative (CFLI) brings together leading companies to mobilize and grow private capital for climate solutions. Michael R. Bloomberg formed the CFLI at the request of United Nations Secretary General António Guterres. Founding members of CFLI include Allianz Global Investors, AXA, Bloomberg, Enel, Goldman Sachs, Japan Government Pensions Investment Fund (GPIF), HSBC and Macquarie.

* At the exchange rate in force on December 31, 2021 (4,527.77 COP for 1 EUR).

Bloomberg on climate

Led by Michael R. Bloomberg, global climate champion and special envoy to the UN secretary general, Bloomberg tackles the climate crisis from all angles.

Bloomberg Philanthropies is at the forefront of U.S. and global efforts to fight climate change and protect the environment across a range of key issues. Bringing together mayors and other government and business leaders, local partners and environmental advocates, Bloomberg Philanthropies implements bold programs that tackle the climate crisis and help build a more sustainable economy, resilient and equitable. His efforts are accelerating the transition from coal to clean energy, improving air quality and public health, advancing city climate action, protecting and preserving ocean ecosystems, and helping unlock billions of dollars in sustainable finance. .

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