All For One aims to spread chaos across the world


In chapter 329 of My Hero Academia, All For One reveals that obtaining One For All is not its end goal with its goals beyond the Japanese shores.

Warning! Spoilers for My hero university chapter 329 coming soon!

Since its inception, all of My hero universityThe main series of took place in Japan, leaving all international coverage to spinoff films, but the manga just hinted that All for oneThe true vision of s will likely take readers beyond the Japanese shores.

This surprising change is now only the latest in a series of changes to a system that manga artist Kohei Horikoshi initially established as a tenable status quo, which he seemed unwilling to break until My hero university began to approach his final arc. First, the mangaka Horikoshi pushed Deku beyond the walls of UA High, where most of the series had taken place until then. Then he teased the arrival of reinforcements from overseas, a first for the main continuity. And now, as Star and Stripe announces this monumental change, All For One has just dropped another bombshell on a long-standing precedent: it plans to wreak havoc across the world.

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In chapter 329 of My hero university, All For One reveals that getting One For All was never his end of the game. It has always been an important goal, but it was only one step in a much larger operation. Apparently the villain has friends around the world who he hopes will start to stir up trouble as he struggles to dominate Japan. It is interesting to note that a group of senior officials presented in the previous chapter who seem to control the actions of heroes internationally (and could possibly be affiliated with the UN) are reluctant to send heroes to Japan as this could cause the chaos at home. countries. Their concerns are well-founded, it seems, especially since All For One recently revealed that no other hero has been able to achieve what All Might has in Japan by single-handedly crushing all the crime. organized. And as America’s best hero, Star and Stripe lands on Japanese soil, let’s hope readers begin to witness the chaos unfolding in America due to his absence.

It would be a welcome development, and not just because it brings more unprecedented turns of events to a series that, on the whole, has never strayed from its tried and true formula. This is because the series recently expelled a darkness that had descended upon the world of My hero university as if nothing negative had ever happened, erasing all possibilities of possible consequences. Seeing countries that are not as developed as Japan sink into despair would help instill momentum that is now very lacking in an otherwise compelling series.

As My hero university Coming to an end, fans are lucky that manga artist Kohei Horikoshi offers them the opportunity to experience more of the captivating world he created and which for the most part has remained laser-focused in one area. Of course, it would have been more effective if Kohei Horikoshi had started expanding his self-imposed limits earlier and not all of a sudden like he is now. It just creates the impression that he’s trying to fit as many new things as possible into his story before it ends. Yes, these additional variables have appeared in various spinoffs as mentioned earlier, but Kohei Horikoshi could have sprinkled them throughout his main continuity, which should be treated as the only storyline even if it isn’t. Anyway, these changes coming My hero university manga following All for oneThe manic, devilish plot of is welcome, albeit abrupt and creates a rather relentless fire hose effect.

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