5 things to know for December 28: Covid, Crime, Japan & China, shootings in Denver, Somalia


By AJ Willingham, CNN

It’s been an interesting year for just about everything including art and fashion. The Biggest Cultural Moments of 2021 spans iconic award moments, jaw-dropping digital art sales and more.

Here’s what you need to know to Get operational and get on with your day.

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1. Coronavirus

The CDC has shortened the recommended timeframes for people to self-isolate when they have tested positive or have been exposed to Covid-19. Now, the agency says people should only self-isolate for five days instead of 10 if they are positive but have no symptoms – and continue to wear masks around others for five more days. People who were sick but whose symptoms are improving and who do not have a fever can also leave the house after five days, as can those who have been exposed to Covid-19 but are fully vaccinated. The CDC says the change is based on scientific evidence that most transmissions occur early in the disease, just before and after symptoms appear.

2. Delinquency

The Justice Department has distributed a wave of grants to help cities cope with the recent increase in violent crime. The ministry’s Office of Justice Programs says hundreds of communities and organizations are receiving or are eligible to receive $ 1.6 billion to support a wide range of public safety programs. For example, the Justice Assistance Grant will share over $ 271.9 million, including $ 187 million for state law enforcement agencies and over $ 84.9 million for over 900 cities and counties. . Initiatives covered by the funding may include items such as drug and gang task forces, family violence programs, treatment and correction programs, and other crime reduction efforts.

3. Japan and China

The defense ministers of Japan and China have agreed to set up a joint defense hotline by the end of 2022, even as the two East Asian powers continue to disagree on territorial disputes and military positions. Tokyo is increasingly worried about the situation around Taiwan, the autonomous island that China claims to be its own. Japan and China also have a long-standing dispute over a chain of uninhabited Japanese-controlled islands in the East China Sea known as Senkakus in Japan and Diaoyus in China. In recent years, Japan has strengthened its air and sea defenses in response to China’s demonstrations of military aggression in the South China Sea and beyond.

4. Shootings in Denver

At least four people have died in a series of shootings in the Denver metro area last night. The suspect is also deceased, authorities said. The shooter killed and injured people in several locations, including a business, a shopping area and a hotel. Police were involved in a car chase and exchanged gunfire with the suspect. At one point, the suspect neutralized a police car during the chase and injured an officer before being shot. Law enforcement officials say there is no ongoing threat to the community and that they have no known motive for the shootings.

5. Somalia

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo has suspended the powers of the Prime Minister, raising fears of political violence in the country. Farmajo accused Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble of pillaging public land and tampering with the investigation that followed. The power struggle between the two leaders stems from a row over Somalia’s long-delayed parliamentary elections. The two men accused each other of delaying the elections. The US and UK have both called for calm, lest the situation in the politically unstable country turn violent.


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