The applications made to banks together with the required documents are taken into consideration when applying for consumer loans. If any of these documents requested by the bank is missing, two ways are preferred by the banks:

  • Submission of the missing document request to the applicant
  • Direct rejection response to the application for consumer loan

Reduces the possibility of approval of consumer loan


In both cases, it is important to deliver the relevant documents to the bank branches in a complete and requested manner in order not to fall into this situation, which reduces the possibility of approval of consumer loan applications made due to the urgent cash needs and prolongs the time to reach the required cash. Although it varies according to each bank, in general applications for general purpose loans;

  • Copy of identity card,
  • Electricity, natural gas, water, etc. arranged for the applicant. Examples of bills,
  • Document showing income status,
  • SGK Service Dump,
  • Guarantee or mortgage documents

It is requested. We have brought together the documents requested by the banks that offer you the most favorable interest loan so that you can submit your general-purpose loan application without any deficiency in the relevant documents requested by each bank. You can find out which documents you need to obtain in order to use suitable interest loans from the specified banks.

Honest Bank Consumer Loan Application?


A general-purpose loan up to 100.000 USD can be used from Honest Bank with a 60-month maturity and 1.59% interest rate. For the use of general-purpose loans in the specified conditions, Honest Bank;

  • Branches,
  • Website,
  • Mobile and internet branch,
  • ATMs,
  • Call Center on 0850 220 00 00

You can use it. The documents required for the loan are requested by Honest Bank as follows:

  • Consumer Loan Application Form,
  • Copy of identity card with TR ID number written on it,
  • Document showing the applicant’s monthly income,
  • If the branch deems necessary, collateral, mortgage, etc. instruments

If your credit rating and other features are deemed sufficient by Honest Bank, consumer loan applications made with the relevant documents are approved in a short time.

Good Finance Consumer Loan Application?


You can apply for Good Finance for your loan needs with a maturity option of 3 to 60 months with an interest rate of 1.55%. To apply for a general-purpose loan from Good Finance;

  • Bank branches,
  • Good Finance mobile and internet branch

The documents required for the loan required for the applications you will use will be deemed to have been completed after delivery to Good Finance branches. The related documents are shared with you below:

  • Original and photocopy of the license or identity card,
  • SGK Service Dump,
  • Payroll, salary letter, etc. showing monthly income. certified document,
  • Signature circular of officials signed in the document showing the income status,
  • If necessary, collateral and mortgage documents

Cooperative Bank Consumer Loan Application?

In order to meet your individual needs up to 10,000 USD, you can apply for Cooperative Bank Consumer Loan, which is offered with 36-month maturity and an interest rate of 1.84%. For reference

  • Cooperative Bank branches,
  • Cooperative Bank website,
  • Cooperative Bank Mobile and internet branch

Using it, you can submit the credit application you need. The documents required for the loan you want to use are provided by Cooperative Bank ;

  • Document showing monthly income,
  • TR identity number is written ID copy,
  • SGK Service Dump,
  • Additional income documents

It is requested. You can complete your application loan application by submitting the relevant documents to the Cooperative Bank branch.

Thrift Bank Bank Consumer Loan Application?


You can choose Thrift Bank Bank for loan applications up to 20,000 USD and 36 months term with an interest rate of 1.96%. For applications, Thrift Bank Bank;

It may be used. Thrift Bank Bank aims to meet many needs by determining the upper limit of consumer loans as 100,000 USD. The completion of the application will be realized by submitting the documents required for the loan to Thrift Bank Bank;

  • TR identity number is written identity document,
  • Document showing monthly income